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The Center for Data Insight (CDI) is an applied research center partnered with the latest vendors of enterprise ready products covering the entire spectrum of the Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining process. The CDI contains advanced parallel computers,  servers, and workstations. The CDI also contains an extensive suite of industry leading tools for database, data cleansing, data quality analysis, data preparation and aggregation, statistical analysis, data mining predictive modeling, and data visualization.  In addition the CDI has an experienced academic and business staff extensively trained in the practical use of these technologies.

The Mission of the Center for Data Insight is...

  • To conduct advanced research for business, government, and scientific needs in knowledge discovery in databases (KDD).
  • To provide training for industry management and practitioners in data mining and KDD.
  • To help businesses and government agencies understand the concepts and advantages of data mining by conducting proof-of-performance KDD projects.
  • To provide an objective comparison of the strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of different data mining products.
  • To help data mining companies improve their products through feedback, testing, and application of their products to large scale, meaningful data sets.
  • To better equip students for the workplace by providing training in different aspects of the data mining cycle.
  • To be a clearinghouse for advanced KDD technologies.
  • To support a graduate academic program in data mining and KDD.

The Center for Data Insight offers a comprehensive infrastructure that provides a broad spectrum of services to business and government agencies across industry lines which include; financial, retail, insurance, manufacturing, medical, and biological systems. Whether you are interested in education, tools assessment, or complete prototype development, the Centerís experience and  technical acumen will ensure a successful experience.

The Center for Data Insight was designated as the Premier Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Research Center in the state of Arizona by the Arizona Board of Regents, April 1998.

Training Lab and Server Room:

More Information The Center for Data Insight has a state of the art training facility to provide space for training programs.  Adjacent to the classroom is a dedicated server room.  The computational systems are designed to replicate those found in business and include UNIX and Windows servers running Oracle, DB2 and SQL server.

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