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The Center for Data Insight provides a comprehensive set of tools for Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, and Data Visualization to permit solving a broad variety of problems  associated with extracting knowledge from large, complex, and disparate data sources.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery are elements of a larger process which itself must be closely linked to the business domains from which the data is extracted and to which the final business insights are applied for improvements in the businesses themselves.

Figure 1 End to end process being implemented at the Center for Data Insight, illustrating the overall process links to the business domain. A complete tool set exists in the Center which can be applied against your data to develop custom solutions for specific business applications.

Figure 2 Example of the knowledge discovery process.

Define Objectives - Business Analysis define and prioritize business problems. From this determine the best applications of the technologies.
Select Data - Source the appropriate data from operational systems that relates to the Business objectives defined above.
Cleanse Data - Analyze the state of the data and cleanse as necessary.
Transform Data - Transform the data so that it can be read and processed by the data mining tools.
Mine Data - Apply the analytical algorithms in the OLAP and Data Mining engines and develop predictive models.
Acquire Knowledge - Perform a thorough analysis of the data mining results.
Deploy Results -  Deploy results to the business community as a prototype, pilot analysis, or production implementation.
Process Examination - Assess carefully the results of deployment and examine the process for improvement (i.e. more data needed, more data cleansing needed...)

The Center for Data Insight will work with clients to develop answers at every step of the knowledge discovery process. Using data visualization and analysis tools and techniques, we will take clients through the process of identifying important trends in their businesses. Working as a team with the client members we will determine ways to define and deploy actionable results.


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