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The Center is a cooperative effort between vendors of data mining and knowledge discovery products and Northern Arizona University.  Our vendor partners donate their products as well as provide training which enables the CDI staff to be experts in the use of their tools.

The Center for Data Insight vendor partners are the industry leaders in knowledge discovery, data warehousing, data marts, data visualization, and data mining. Our vendor partners are providing proven technologies for the Data Mining market and have shown themselves to be visionary and innovative in developing new technologies which address various stages in the overall process.

Embedded in our vendors products are advanced algorithms for mining, organizing, analyzing, displaying, and understanding the data extracted from the business domain. Comprehensive techniques are also included in their products for permitting the user to access, manipulate, and intuitively understand the knowledge extracted from the operational data.  The experience of the user can then be taken advantage of to apply that new information to meeting business objectives.

The vendors which are currently participating in the Center for Data Insight are listed below.


IBM strives to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.

The worldwide network of IBM solutions and services professionals translates these advanced technologies into business value for their customers. 

For more information, visit IBM's site at

MineTech exclusively offers GMAX™, a powerful automated predictive analysis tool.  GMAX™ is the onlyproduct available which applies the power of genetic programming to database optimization.  Using a breakthrough patent pending algorithm, GMAX™ explicitly optimizes databases by developing models that "push" the most desirable customers to the top of your file, allowing marketers to maximize their targeting efforts. 

MineTech offers software licenses, project management and outsourced solutions in key vertical markets such as financial services, telecommunication and publishing. 

For more information, visit the MineTech site at

SAS Institute Inc.
SAS' mission is to deliver superior software and services that give people the power to make the right decisions. SAS wants to be the most valued competitive weapon in business decision making.

It was the quest to learn more that fueled SAS’ inception decades ago. Today, their cutting-edge, high-quality software solutions meet the needs of decision makers in business, government and education worldwide. SAS' commitment to customer-driven research and development is legendary. Each year, in fact, SAS reinvests almost a third of their revenue in R&D, a higher percentage than any other software vendor and more than double the industry average. 

For more information, visit SAS' site at

SPSS leads in analytical solutions Today SPSS provides solutions that discover what customers want and predict what they will do. The company delivers solutions at the intersection of customer relationship management and business intelligence that enable it’s customers to interact with their customers more profitably. SPSS solutions integrate and analyze marketing, customer and operational data in key vertical markets worldwide, including telecommunications, health care, banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, consumer packaged goods, market research and the public sector. 

For more information, visit SPSS' site at

Unica Technologies, Inc.
Unica, a leading provider of analytical CRM and marketing automation solutions, helps innovative businesses achieve one-to-one marketing through personalized interactions at the right time, through the right channel. Affinium, Unica's modular, cross-channel marketing suite, delivers deep functionality for:
    • data mining and predictive modeling
    • campaign and customer interaction management
    • real-time personalization
    • reporting

For more information, visit Unica's site at

Data Flux
DataFlux is a North Carolina-based software company that provides leading edge, award-winning technology for data cleansing, data augmentation, data consolidation and conversion, data scrubbing and data integration. The versatile DataFlux products are designed to significantly improve the accuracy, consistency and usability of an organization's critical data, enhancing the effectiveness of data-driven applications and initiatives such as data warehousing, e-commerce systems, data mining, customer information systems, sales force automation, marketing databases, customer/prospect profiling and list management.

Some of the companies currently using DataFlux solutions include Bank of America, US Patent and Trademark Office, Wells Fargo, and Microsoft. DataFlux is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS Institute, the leader in decision support and data warehousing, providing integrated enterprise information-delivery solutions and e-business solutions.

For more on DataFlux, visit:

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