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General Education Short Courses

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  • The CDI offers a three-day course in the fundamentals of the knowledge discovery process and data mining tools.
  • Participants will receive a copy of the book, "Data Mining Techniques for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support" by Michael J. Berry and Gordon Linoff.
  • Participants will also receive hand-outs that describe the CDI the data mining tools in the CDI, the CDI data mining tool evaluation process and how to schedule and conduct projects in the CDI.
  • Upon completion of this course the participant will:
    • Understand the knowledge discovery process
    • Understand the role of data mining in decision support and business intelligence.
    • Understand the data mining methodology including pre-mining activities such as data quality analysis, model validation, and model evaluation activities.
    • Understand the suite of available data mining algorithms in the CDI and how they operate.
    • Have gained hands-on experience with data mining tools.
    • Understand how KDD projects can be structured to meet business objectives
  • The cost of these three-day courses will be $1,500/person with a minimum enrollment of six people, not including travel and living expenses.

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