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SPSS Press Center
September 24, 1999

SPSS software featured in data mining and knowledge discovery center sponsored by KPMG
The Center for Data Insight enables customers to test software with their own data

CHICAGO -- SPSS Inc. (Nasdaq: SPSS) is expanding its role as the leader in data mining software by becoming a partner with the Center for Data Insight (CDI). A joint effort between KPMG and Northern Arizona University, the CDI is a vendor-neutral site, designed to provide a forum where KPMG consultants can help clients understand and test data mining solutions in a low-risk setting. The CDI offers the opportunity for organizations to bring in their own data and evaluate data mining processes and technologies through hands-on experiences with the latest tools. Effective September 1999, the CDI now includes AnswerTree, SPSS for Windows, SPSS Regression Models and SPSS Missing Value Analysis in their program. Clementine, SPSS' data mining software, has been a part of the CDI program since 1997.

The Center for Data Insight is staffed with academic and business professionals trained in comprehensive knowledge discovery solutions. Assembling the latest vendors of knowledge discovery products, the center offers a wide spectrum of decision support solutions including data access, data mining, on-line analytical processing and data visualization. Because companies can generate and evaluate data mining models using their own data, the CDI saves them the expense of individually evaluating vendors' offerings and having to purchase multiple tools.

"An evaluation of data mining software would be incomplete without SPSS," said Dr. Bern Carey, director of the CDI. "Its strengths in data access and preparation, data mining, statistical algorithms and a powerful user interface make it a key player in data mining."

"We are very excited to expand SPSS' participation in the CDI program," said Jack Noonan, SPSS president and CEO. "For more than 30 years, SPSS has succeeded in leading the large markets for analytical software by helping people solve crucial business problems. Our leading-edge solutions have been called 'number one in data mining' by industry analysts, and we're proud to offer them to the CDI program. The feedback we will receive from the CDI will help us continue to improve on our long-term value to our customers and shareholders."

At the CDI, staff members assist companies in examining data mining products based on an evaluation framework that includes product performance, functionality, usability and ancillary task support. As a corporate sponsor, KPMG consultants bring potential data mining customers to the center to learn about the process of data mining, gain hands-on experience with data mining tools, discuss the findings extracted from their data and determine which software will work best for their client's enterprise.

SPSS products available in a CDI evaluation include:

  • Clementine -- the first enterprise-strength data mining offering aimed at business users, it is consistently acknowledged by users and analysts as a leading data mining system.
  • SPSS Base -- a powerful statistical software package, SPSS features a wide range of data access and preparation capabilities, statistical analyses, dynamic graphics and eight types of help.
  • AnswerTree - a multi-method decision tree software product, AnswerTree offers four algorithms, which can be used to automatically identify segments and patterns in data, and displays the results in an intuitive tree diagram.
  • SPSS Regression Models - offering better predictive models than simple linear regression, SPSS Regression Models enables users to make better predictions, measure distances among data and perform logistic regression with categorical data.
  • SPSS Missing Value Analysis - this package enables users to quickly and easily diagnose missing data and replace missing values with statistical estimates.

    About The Center for Data Insight (CDI)
    The Center for Data Insight at Northern Arizona University is a comprehensive data mining facility where all the elements of data mining coexist. The center is operated as a partnership between KPMG, Northern Arizona University and the leading providers of knowledge discovery tools. The center provides a complete suite of proven knowledge discovery tools, an interdisciplinary staff expert in the use of these tools as well as methodologies and frameworks for solving specific industry problems. The mission of the CDI is to promote the development and application of data warehousing, data mining and knowledge management, perform applied research in knowledge discovery systems and provide a venue for training students in the use of these sophisticated analytical tools. For more information, visit http://www.insight.nau.edu.

    Company information
    SPSS Inc. is a leader in business intelligence, especially data mining, as well as three vertical markets: survey/market research, quality improvement and scientific research. SPSS products and services transform organizations by helping users leverage information to improve processes that increase revenues and reduce costs. Today, more than 250,000 organizations use SPSS software to create and distribute information for better decision making.

    Founded in 1968, SPSS has been a leader in data analysis for more than three decades. SPSS has won the following awards: named No. 28 in DM Review's Data Warehouse Top 100; placed No. 23 on the 1999 Soft·letter 100, a ranking of the top 100 personal computer software companies in the United States; and No. 97 in the 1999 Software 500, a ranking of the world's largest software vendors by Software Magazine. Headquartered in Chicago, SPSS has offices and distributors around the world.


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