Proof-Of-Performance Projects

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There are two general types of proof-of-performance projects.

  • Undirected
  • Directed

These projects can be tailored to the needs of a particular CDI client.

These projects extract knowledge from the client’s data to demonstrate that data mining can support meeting the client’s business objectives.

Through such projects the client will be able to develop hands-on expertise in KDD and will learn how to best invest in KDD to meet their business objectives.

Figure 1: General Types of Proof-of Performance Projects

Undirected Proof-of-Performance Projects
  • Learn about data mining and data mining tools through a hands-on analysis of the client’s data.
  • Observe what types of models the data mining tools generate in order to intuitively form a judgment as to whether potentially interesting patterns and relationships can be extracted from the client’s data.
  • Providing information to the management of a company to assist in determining whether KDD should be invested in by the business.

Directed Proof-of-Performance Projects
  • Specific business objectives are predefined
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Develop models from data mining tools to test whether specific hypotheses about the business are true or false.
  • Known business objectives
  • Determine whether significant and/or previously unknown relationships or patterns exist in the data to improve meeting particular business objectives.
  • Either project provides hands-on experience with data mining tools through an analysis of the client’s data.
  • Either project extracts knowledge from corporate data in order to make a quantitative judgement as to whether the patterns and relationships exist in the data better permit the client to meet known business objectives.
  • Either project provides initial information to the management of a company to assist in determining how to best invest in KDD and to deploy KDD into the company’s decision support systems.

The CDI Proof-of-Performance Process
  • The CDI follows an eight-step process for conducting proof-of-performance projects.
  • The CDI works with the company in stages one and two.
  • The CDI is primarily responsible for stages three and four.
  • The CDI guides the client in stages five through eight.

Figure 2: The CDI Proof-of-Performance Project Process

It is also strongly emphasized that these projects assume that the client’s data is in a form, or almost in a form, ready for data mining. If not, a potentially extensive, customized, data quality analysis project will be required to analyze, cleanse and format the client’s data to permit effective data mining to occur.

Proof-of-Performance Project
  • Objectives
    • Learn about the knowledge discovery process
    • Gain hands-on experience with data mining tools
    • Perform data mining on your companies data
    • Learn which data mining tool(s) meet your needs
    • Proof-of-Performance Details

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